Black Mountain Company is a hands-on construction firm providing site management, administration and office support in an effort to deliver high quality projects and excellent customer service and satisfaction. We have our own carpentry crew to further ensure quality control wherever needed. We perform all of our own finish carpentry and we enjoy long term relationships with a large pool of qualified, service oriented vendors and subcontractors.

In the administration, management and execution of our projects we strive to avoid any misunderstandings with our clients. We fully explain and clarify all contractual issues to them. Any changes or additions to the contract are addressed by detailed change orders prior to any work being done. We spend the time and effort necessary to help our clients make informed decisions about their projects.

Whether we are remodeling or building a home or building a bookcase, our ability to give on-site attention to each project as well as properly administering and managing all the details results in higher customer satisfaction and projects with more quality built in.

Experience … the difference with Black Mountain Company!